If you or someone you know is in a crisis, please call 718-762-6640 for Queens, New York or for Manhattan, New York call 212-510-7906.  

If you are addicted to illicit drugs (Heroin, Cocaine, etc),or Prescribed Medication Opiates, Oxycontin, Percocet, Methadone, etc ), call immediately! We Can Help.

Alcohol or Smoking need help? Call!  

If your addicted to prescribed sedative Medicines (Xanax, Klonopins Benzodiazepines) call immediately!

If your addicted to PAIN MANAGEMENT MEDICINE (Opiates) call immediately! We can wean you off and help!  

Need Guest Medication when visiting New York (while your out of your State or Country) call immediately!

Need to get off of Methadone?  Call immediately!  Tired of the 6 day schedule or being Fed your Medication daily by a nurse? Tired of begging for take home medication, when your ill, death in family (in order to attend the funeral) or court date, work, etc?  Tired of fighting for your transportation check or is that the only reason that keeps you on a methadone program. We understand so let us help!        

Please call our office or leave your name and number and someone will respond quickly. The help you need is waiting  

We provide a FREE telephone screening for: Drugs you may be addicted to!

Services Provided:

  • Drug Abuse (Heroin, Cocaine, etc)
  • Dr. Prescribed Opiate  Addiction (Oxycontin, Percocet, etc )
  • Alcohol Abuse, Cigarette Smoking
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Pain Management Medication Addiction
  • Obesity
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Vitamin B12 Therapy
  • HGH

If you are ill and/or suffering from a Substance Abuse Disorder, Depression/Anxiety, Obesity, Chronic Pain, Low Sexual Drive and/or a Vitamin deficiency we can help you get the right treatment.  Our 24-hour helpline is dedicated to helping YOU or someone you may know needing treatment!

Illness most often doesn’t strike alone and can cause depression/anxiety! The purpose is to help those suffering from drug addiction, alcoholism, obesity,  a mental health disorders, a smoking addiction, Pain, Low Hormone levels, obesity, or any associated disorder. Get the treatment you need now!

You need to understand that there are co-occurring disorders:  So stop shopping around and get the treatment you need by a Doctor and a team of clinician’s that understand your needs. Treat all the ailments in order to combat the disease or disease process. Don’t wait or search for multiple doctors.

We specialize in providing treatment for special populations and provide on-site maintenance services and detoxification services. In addition, NYCACTS, Inc is a complete service handling most cases, and associated issues. And has a large referral database to assist you.

NYCACTS, Inc. specializes in helping those in need of treatment. Treating multiple Illnesses on one visit most times. Let us reduce the time of recovery. The last time you went to a doctor for treatment weren’t you told you may need to be referred to another doctor or clinic and it may take days, weeks or months before you get the treatment you need?

Do you or a loved one, need medications now? Or have a mental health disorder needing attention now? Our medical staff is looking to make your life a little easier. We can explain your treatment in simple terms, and provide teaching to help you understand your treatment or someone you may be helping get into treatment. We can work with your private MD or provide are MD’s, PA’s, Nurse’s, Psychotherapist, with pharmacy’s to help set up auto delivery with a pharmacy of your choice. We want you to have a team in your corner. Please respond to this website or: enddrugabuse@aol.com with any questions. Include your phone number, e-mail, location, days, services needed. Agencies, contact us if your in need a private clinicians with experience in Health Care! Mental Health, Addiction Medicine, Pain Management, Anti Aging, Weight Loss,.Internal Medicine.


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