Your donations can help someone start treatment. The money you donate helps those individuals who may have lost a job or those that don’t have insurance or those who just can’t pay now. We are able to assist them with your funds until we can get them insured or back to work. Treatment can work with your help!

We should be receiving our federally-recognized 501C3 tax-deductible nonprofit corporation exemption. Call NYCACTS, Inc to help those less fortunate get the treatment they need.  Please help!

Don’t wait to donate help someone who needs immediate treatment or on going treatment

There are many ways to share with others, even if it’s just $10.  The easiest way is to click on this link to donate.


Here are other ways you can help.  Thank you!

NYCACTS would be happy to speak to you in detail about these and the many other ways you can support drug addiction treatment.   Please feel free to call (212) 510-7906 and leave your number for more information.

Cash, Check, Credit Card

These contributions are made directly to NYCACTS, Inc, either by cash, check, or credit card and can be designated to any one of our many programs or simply as general operating support.  This type of support is critical to our day-to-day operations.  It guarantees that someone in need gets into treatment or stays in treatment.  Of course all cash donations are tax deductible.


A charitable gift of appreciated stocks or bonds is an easy way to support NYCACTS while enjoying beneficial tax treatment.  By contributing appreciated stocks or bonds to the NYCACTS you realize no gain on the sale and therefore avoid paying capital gains tax.  NYCACTS can then sell the securities and put the full value of your donation to work immediately.  Please contact NYCACTS for specific account and transfer information.  Please note that NYCACTS cannot accept stock certificates or bonds directly.

In Kind

NYCACTS is always in need of professional services that we would normally be unable to afford.  If you or your company provides services such as computer programming, Internet design, legal services, graphic design, printing, messenger services, painting, photography, construction and maintenance, etc., we would be happy to speak to you about arranging an in-kind donation of those services.


Services are not the only thing that NYCACTS is constantly on the lookout for.  We always need new equipment and products to make NYCACTS a significant competitor in meeting this illness head on.  The list of items that we are currently in need of includes new computer equipment, a plain paper fax, cleaning supplies, office supplies, furniture, and much more.  Please contact us for a list of specific products or items that can be donated directly to the NYCACTS.  Don’t throw it away.  NYCACTS can probably use it!

Used Cars, Antiques, etc.

Got that used car or antique or one-of-a-kind item that you don’t know what to do with?  Call us!!!  NYCACTS would be happy to take it off your hands.  You gain a valuable charitable tax deduction and NYCACTS can sell the item for valuable income.  Please contact the administrative office for further details or to make arrangements for pick-up.


Even if you are unable to give a donation at this time, we can always use volunteers for our many programs and events.  Call NYCACTS to find out about our many volunteer opportunities.

Also, it is critical for the organization to develop and fund its extended plans for its continued survival and growth in the future.  In order to do this, we ask that you include NYCACTS as part of your own long-range and estate planning.  There are many options available and just some of them can include:


A bequest is a simple way to make a gift, and can be specifically designed to fit your planning needs.  Your legacy to NYCACTS can take any number of forms.  You can bequeath a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate that will remain after you provide for gifts to loved ones.  By providing for NYCACTS in your Will, you effectively continue your support for addiction treatment beyond your lifetime.  Of course, a bequest to NYCACTS yields a valuable estate tax charitable deduction.  With top federal tax rates at 55%, such a gift can be a crucial part of your overall estate planning.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trusts are tax incentive vehicles designed to fund charitable needs.  A donor designates a trust fund to benefit a particular charity, such as NYCACTS, upon his or her death.  In the interim, the donor receives income from the trust and an income tax deduction when the trust is established and funded.

The Charitable Remainder Trust can be an annuity trust (paying a fixed amount of not less than five percent of the initial value of the trust assets) or a unitrust (paying a fixed percentage of no less than five percent of the assets valued annually).  Charitable Remainder Trusts can be created through the sale of real estate, securities, or even artwork thus creating significant income tax advantages for the donor.

Life Insurance

A very simple way to contribute to NYCACTS is by designating NYCACTS as the irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy and transferring the policy to NYCACTS as a gift.  Donors immediately receive a tax deduction for the full cash value of the policy. In addition, all remaining future premium payments are tax deductible until the policy is fully paid.  Donating a life insurance policy is an excellent vehicle for creating an endowment or trust fund at NYCACTS that will continue one’s memory and legacy well into the future.

Again, NYCACTS would be happy to speak to you in detail about these and the many other ways you can support drug addiction treatment.   Please feel free to call (212) 510-7906 for more information.

Thank you for your support!!!