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Psychotherapy is a proven treatment that helps people to recover from emotional unrest. Psychotherapy improves the person’s ability to cope with challenges.

Life can be extremely difficult at times.  Everyone can experience the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, disease, misunderstandings, abuse, etc. Depression, fear, anxiety, and confusion are part of the normal range of human experience.

Most often, people can adapt and overcome the obstacles and challenges of life.  But sometimes a person feels unable to cope. Stressful situations such as unemployment, marital discord, or an unsettling home environment, will result in persistent feelings of sadness, helplessness, and anxiety.

If your treatment requires the use of psychotropic medication, you will be provided with a medication brochure and specific information about each type of medication prescribed for you.

Medication may be used for long or limited periods of time and in the minimal dosage required to help you. The possible benefits must clearly outweigh the possible risks. Medication is generally prescribed only in conjunction with the therapy provided by NYCACTS, Inc.

Treatment Methods:

Home Care  

24 Hour detoxification

Biofeedback Therapy

Pain Management

Mental Health


Hormone Replacement Therapy 


Internal Medicine

Please contact NYCACTS, INC at 718-762-6640 or 212-510-7906 for more information on Biofeedback Therapy or any of the services we provide. Remember we provide guest mediation for visitors in the US and around the World. We can also provide are 24 hour detoxification service.

Confidentiality and Privacy

At NYCACTS, Inc. a quiet and confidential room will be available and Confidentiality will always be maintained. And according to the law, we will not and cannot reveal any information about you without your written consent or without a court order and/or if you have committed an immediate crime.