We accept private patients at NYCACTS.  If you are uninsured or would have difficulty paying, but need our help, please call us for more information at:


We understand the difficulty of paying for medical care when you are uninsured.  That is why we have negotiated special pricing for your medicine, basic blood and urine tests.

We don’t want our patients to avoid coming to see us because they don’t know how much the visit will cost.  That is why we have implemented a low Flat Rate for those who pay in full at the time of their visit.

At NYCACTS, you always know what the office visit will cost before you come.

With standard medical pricing, visits costs can vary according to the “medical complexity” of the visit.  The average cost of a visit is $275.00 and if multiple problems are addressed a higher fee will be charged. New admission charge is $275.00.

Most lab work can be performed by us and is processed by a separate company who will bill you separately if you prefer. We do not have their price list. However, as mentioned above we have negotiated some special pricing. Your basic labs should be under $200.00, and you will always be informed what labs cost and what test will need to be ordered. The Business Manager will provide you with estimated lab fees if you request it.

For more information, call our office to discuss a plan. You may also schedule a free evaluation meeting in preparation to joining our service. We also make home visits at a reasonable price.  Before scheduling your appointment, new patients should call our office and ask about are financial policies.

At NYCACTS self-paying patients are welcome. We accept most major credit cards. While we do accept cash as payment, we do not accept private checks.

You may schedule an appointment by calling us at:   212-510-7906 or